Talk Easy & Naturally

Web based conference calls offer poor quality. Step up to a system that uses a classical phone line so you can speak naturally (even if they call in from the Web).

  • Crystal clear Actual Phone Line connection
  • Forget about Internet echo, lag or distortion
  • Advanced infrastructure ensures 99.999% system availability
  • Ideal for modern business demands
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Make Partners & Clients happy anywhere in the world!

No dial-in fees, no surprise costs.

  • Access numbers in 57+ countries.
  • Invite automatically by Email, SMS or Calendar
  • Calling in is Toll-Free or charged as a local call.
  • Dial up participants worldwide from your easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Dozens of local access numbers for conferences in any country.
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Intuitive web-dashboard gives you out-of-the-box versatility and control

  • Manage every conference call and caller (identify, mute, unmute or remove)
  • Create new conference codes and run multiple meetings at once (for free)
  • Activate Toll-Free dial in numbers
  • Create in-conference polls & get live feedback
  • Add credits and download invoices on demand

You Get It All

Free unlimited conference codes per user

Create an account for each one of your users to allow them to run conference calls in parallel (unlimited and free)

Dial-in via Skype, SIP WebRTC

Allow your participants to dial-in via Skype, SIP and WebRTC to save on conferencing costs

Free conference recording in mp3

Record your conferences to make meeting minutes creation easier later (it’s free)

One simple, fully transparent price 0.05 € per minute per participant

  • Free sign-up and account creation
  • No recurring fees
  • Only pay for minutes used, nothing else
  • Pre-paid, post paid accounts available
See here for full details & Toll-free numbers pricing

Free corporate account management available

  • Pay the invoice at end of month (post-paid mode)
  • Central billing for multiple user accounts (master account)
  • Manage users accounts via self-service web-dashboard
  • Purchase order processing available
  • Dedicated account manager

What is a conference call?

How to dial into a conference call?

What are the different types of conference calls?

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One Click Access

  • Call up to 10 participants at once fromyour smartphone
  • No need to schedule a conference call,just call everyone directly
  • Low cost local rates, no matter where you call from
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