Frequently asked questions

When you run out of credits, the conference stops. It is recommended to always have a buffer of credits to avoid this from happening. (only for pre-paid accounts)
The reason is VAT. If you didn't specify you VAT number then we credited you with an amount of credits correponding to the excluding VAT amount deposited. If you have a VAT number, please contact us and send us your VAT document scanned. We will adjust your balance accordingly. Note: this doesn't apply for residents outside the EU. If you live outside the EU, VAT doesn't apply to you.

It means that the EU VAT site is currently experiencing problems. Just leave the field blank and send us your VAT number and scanned copy of the documents. We will update your account.

If you are trying to input a VAT number from outside the EU, we cannot accept that. Please leave that field empty.

You can also try to manually validate your VAT number on this authoritative website.

If the conference is set-up to start only when the organiser joins, please ask the organiser's pin and dial-in using that pin instead of the participant's. Alternatively the organiser can set his conferences to start whenever any participant joins, the problem will thus not exist. Note that allowing conferences to start without the organiser could mean that any participant could use the participant code to hold his or her own conferences. Only do this if you trust your participants.
It happens that pdf attachments are taken away by spam or virus filters. You can always download a new copy of your invoices on our website. Just log into your account, and go to the "payments" tab. You will find links to invoice downloads.
Absolutely not!, you can always dial-in internationally to the conference by using any of the local dial-in numbers listed. You can also dial-in using Skype or Gtalk or SIP.
It might happen that a local number is disturbed or temporarily unavailable. In the unlikely event of this happening, please use any other local dial-in from any other country (international call rates might apply). You can always use Skype or Gtalk to dial in for free!.
Please contact us!, tell us which country local dial-in you would like to have! We love feedback and we strive to improve.
In order to consult your account credit balance, just
- log into your account on the website.
- go to "Profile" or "Payments" tab, there you will see the current account credit balance.

You can also consult the detailed cost of each conference call you made under "my Conference", "history".
It can take some time to encode in mp3 after your conference ended. Also, in case of scheduled conference, mp3 won't be compiled before the scheduled ""end time"" has passed.
The participant can dial any number in our list, even if that means dialing internationally, it works!. Alternatively the participant can dial via Skype or you can Dial-out the participant from our webdashboard. Finally, if you foresee significant minutes in that country, please ask us for solutions, we can always consider adding a toll-free number in that country.