Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction & Definitions.

  1. We, "open4ip sprl", Avenue du Centenaire 27, 4053 Liege, Belgium, VAT BE0883789071, are the company supplying the myGlobalconference.com service.
  2. "myGlobalconference.com" is the conference call service and brand name provided by the "open4ip sprl" company. "myGlobalconference.com" will be used as myGC in the following document.
  3. "We", "us" and the "supplier", mean "open4ip sprl".
  4. "You" and "client" mean the user of the myGC service which is accepting the contract here described, by completing the account registration process. The detailed information regarding the client are provided through that registration.
  5. The "registration process" is the account registration process provided on the www.myGlobalConference.com website.
  6. The "contract" contains these terms and conditions, as well as the registration process details.
  7. The "participant" is a conference call participant, which is using the service, but is not the client subscribing for the service.

2. Contract duration, variation and termination.

  1. The contract starts when the client completes the registration process and accepts these general terms and conditions.
  2. The contract has no defined time limit.
  3. The contract can be terminated at any time by the client. Termination will be done by email, with the source address matching the email address supplied in the client information.
  4. The contract can be terminated by the supplier if
    • the client breaks any of the clauses of these terms and conditions.
    • the client does not use the service for at least 6 months.
    Termination by the supplier will be done to the email address supplied by the client. The supplier will have the right to delete all client account information and access to services and web portal.
  5. Terms and conditions of this contract can be changed by myGC at any time. myGC will give reasonable notice to the client.

3. Services.

  1. By the terms of this contract, myGC provides conference calling services to the client. Conference calling is the possibility for the client to dial into a conference bridge with multiple users, making by this means an audio conference between all the participants dialing in.
  2. Dial into conference bridges is possible with different technologies:
    • Toll land line or mobile phone dial in (PSTN/POTS dial in). myGC tries to provide local Toll phone numbers in multiple countries, in order to get lowest dial in prices for the client. The list of Toll dial in numbers is available on the myGC website as well as in the conference details and email notifications. myGC can add, cancel or change these dial in phone numbers at any time, and will keep up to date the list of numbers.
    • Toll Free land line phone dial in. myGC tries to provide local Toll Free phone numbers in multiple countries. The list of Toll Free dial in numbers is available in the client conference details and email notifications. myGC can add, cancel or change these dial in phone numbers at any time, and keep up to date the list of numbers. Toll Free dial in is not available from mobile or pay phones.
    • VoIP SIP dial in. The client can dial in the conference bridges using any VoIP SIP phone. myGC can change this SIP dial in number at any time.
    • VoIP Skype dial in. The client can dial in the conference bridges using Skype. myGC can change this Skype dial in number at any time.
    • VoIP Google Gtalk dial in. The client can dial in the conference bridges using Google Gtalk. myGC can change this Gtalk dial in number at any time.
  3. myGC provides a web portal to the client to create and manage its conference bridges. myGC also provides conference logging features, recording features, invoicing history and contacts management.

4. Use of service.

  1. Unless agreed by open4ip sprl, the client cannot resell the service or any part of it.
  2. The service cannot be used:
    • in a way that does not comply to law or intellectual property, and this in all countries from which the service is being used.
    • in a way that is offensive, abusive or menacing to other parties.
  3. Misuse of the service as per 4.a and 4.b, can be used as contract breach conditions.
  4. The client is responsible for any legal pursuit open4ip sprl would face, with regards to the client breaking 4.b.

5. Availability.

  1. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. myGC builds its infrastructure in a redundant manner, in order to provide the highest availability rate.
  3. Based on local country provider issues, some dial in phone numbers can be interrupted temporarily without myGC being able to give notice to the client. In these case, the client can always dial in to another country dial in number, or use another dial in technology to reach the service.
  4. myGC cannot be held responsible for issues on the VoIP network between the client and myGC VoIP gateways.
  5. The service may be interrupted in the events of
    • planned or emergency maintenance. In case of which, myGC will try to inform impacted clients.
    • cases of "force majeure", which is reasonably out of the control of myGC.

6. Security and confidentiality.

  1. The client is responsible for the security of his own username and password. He should then provide a password secure enough not to be copied or guessed.
  2. The client is responsible for the sharing and use of the conference call pin numbers.
  3. myGC will keep all client personal information confidential.

7. Charges for the services.

  1. The service is charged to a client on a "participant per minute" usage basis. This means that there are no recurring charges. Only effective dialled in minutes per participant are charged at a fixed rate. All charges are billed to the client, not to conference participants.
  2. Conference call participants may have indirect charges to pay, like phone call charges on Internet connection charges. But these are independent of myGC responsibility and are related to dial in technology used by the participants.
  3. Prices are announced on the myGC website, and can be changed by myGC at any time.
  4. Payment methods:
    • Pre paid method. The client pre pays for a voluntary amount and will be invoiced directly for that amount. Gross payment amount will be deducted of any VAT taxes or local charges that need to apply. The net amount will then be added as conference credits to the client's account balance. The client account balance will be deducted of conference charges in real time.
    • Post paid method. The client is invoiced monthly for the previous month conference call charges. Post payment method will be granted to the client at myGC's discretion.
  5. For "Pre paid method", when the account balance of the client will reach 0 credits, myGC has the right to disconnect the service. The client will need to add credits to his account to have the service re-activated.
  6. All invoices have to be paid within 30 days from issue date of the invoice. Any delay of payment will involve an increased fixed and irreducible fee of 15% on the invoice. In case of non-payment in that delay, myGC will have the right to terminate the contract.
  7. Invoices are sent by email to the address provided in the client account information. The client is responsible for receiving the invoices. myGC also provide a copy of invoices on the myGC client web portal.
  8. All sales and rentals of products and services are final.

8. Liability.

  1. The service is provided in a way that multiple type of issues, mostly out of hand of myGC, could disrupt the service. For this reason, myGC disclaims liability in terms of service availability to the client.
  2. myGC is not liable to the client for any direct or indirect loss of profits, neither for any direct or indirect loss or damage or for any destruction of data.
  3. myGC is not liable for service use breaking the "Use of service" terms.

9. Courts and applicable law.

    The contract is governed by the laws of Belgium. Any disputes will be treated by the courts of Belgium.